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Proposals in single endorsed, "Town of Hot Sulphur Springs Water Treatment Plant Upgrade" will be received via electronic bid by email by 10:00 am local time on July 30, 2020 at Email Me and copied to Email Me and Email Me. Bid results will be made available to all qualified bidders.

Only general contractors who can satisfactorily fulfill and verify the minimum requirements below through completion of Contractor's Pre-Qualification Forms to the satisfaction of the Town by or before 4 pm local time on July 16, 2020 will be allowed to bid on the proposed project. Qualifications shall be forwarded to Email Me and copied to Email Me and Email Me. All determinations by the Town and the Engineer regarding pre-qualification shall be final and not appealable. All interested bidders shall also attend a mandatory site meeting on July 16, 2020 at 10:30 AM
The Pre-Qualification forms will be part of the bid package. Bid packages should be available by July 3rd and can be requested by emailing Email Me. Qualification forms will be reviewed and a determination made as to the Contractor's qualifications within four (4) working days of receiving a completed pre-qualification form. Notification will be by email.

The Contractor and subcontractors shall fulfill the minimum requirements listed below:

A. General requirements and criteria for the primary contractor:

1. At least five years of experience on Colorado mountain projects with the construction types required for this project.
2. Successful completion of at least five treatment and water facility construction projects within the last several years with qualified owner references provided.
3. Experience to include membrane filtration, facilities construction, mechanical piping, chemical systems, and process integration in support of facility start up.
4. Holds a current umbrella liability policy for at least $3,000,000.
5. Has no OSHA violations pending against the company at the time of bidding.
6. Has sufficient bonding capacity for the completed value of the project.
7. Commits to a substantial completion date of December 4, 2020.
8. Commits to a full-time crew supervisor on site with a minimum of 5-years of experience with treatment plant, piping systems and related experience.
9. Provides an indicator of financial stability to the satisfaction of the District.
10. Has no litigation or pending litigation with the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs.
11. Can meet the detailed technical requirements required.

All bids will need to include a certified check payable to the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs in an amount of at least five percent (5%) of the Bid, drawn on a bank which is a member of the Federal Reserve System or a Bidder's Bond in like amount. The check or bond will be retained by the Town as liquidated damages if the successful bidder refuses or fails to timely enter into a Contract and provide a Performance, Payment and Maintenance Bond in accordance with his bid when notified of the award.

Bids may not be withdrawn for a period of forty five (45) days after the time fixed for opening them. The Town reserves the right to waive irregularities, to waive technical defects accordingly as the best interest of the Town may be served, may reject any and all bids and may award the contract to the lowest pre-qualified and responsible bidder as determined by the Town.

By order of the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs, 513 Aspen Street, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO.

Jessie Webb, Town Clerk
Town of Hot Sulphur Springs

Published in Middle Park Times June 25 & July 2, 2020. Published in Sky Hi News June 26, 2020