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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING REGARDING THE FOLLOWING LAND USE FILE BEFORE THE PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 4, 2019 AT THE AVON TOWN HALL, 100 MIKAELA WAY, AVON CO Application Type: Minor Development Project and Variance Applicant: Tom Ruemmler File: MNR19008 and VAR19001 Property: Lot 111C, Block 1, Wildridge 2011 Beaver Creek Point Proposal: Application for building improvements that would encroach into areas outside the platted building envelope. The improvements are described as phased and include a "garage like" addition to the building, a deck, and roof constructed of solar panels. Application Type: Temporary Use Permit Applicant: Xcel Energy- c/o Jason Manasee File: TMP19001 Property: Block 3, Avon Landing William J. Post Boulevard Proposal: Application for material storage for replacement of four structures: 7/8/19 7/12/19; Material staging and helicopter operations to replace 15 structures: 8/23/10 9/13/19. Copies of the Application may be obtained from the Community Development Department, Avon Town Hall, during normal business hours. Additionally, some materials may be found at under "Current Applications". Written comments may be submitted to Brenda Torres, Town Clerk, at Email Me no later than 12pm on the hearing date. Published in the Vail Daily May 24, 2019 0000428072